Shipping and logistics management are often considered to be one and the same and therefore, used interchangeably many times. However, there is a difference between the two. We will discuss the difference between shipping and logistics management. While both are about planning, executing, and controlling the entire shipment process. Though it may seem as a simple term but logistics management bears a lot of weight.

Difference between Shipping and Logistics Management

Shipping is the act or process of transferring or transporting shipment from one place to another. Shipping is a closed term and contains information that is related only to shipping. Such as shipping costs, shipping documents, types of shipping, and many more.

On the other hand, Logistics is a much complex term consisting of several different groups or departments. Where shipment is a concise and closed term, logistics is a broader term and shipping management is a part of logistics management.

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” – Sun Tzu

What is Included in Shipping Management?

As we have already established that shipping management is an important part of the organization. It helps with the smooth running of the shipping department. It includes the following processes:

Ø Shipment Planning

Ø Verify the Shipments

Ø Track the Shipments


Shipping Management has evolved with time. It is definitely important to stay updated with the changing technology. In the same manner, it is essential to be organized for a better and smooth functioning of the shipping management system. Be sure to keep your documents in order, be volatile, and make sure to check the shipments before dispatching them. Also, keep your clients updated and maintain clarity. This helps to build trust as well as confidence in your management structure.

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