Ocean Freight Forwarder is one notable type of freight forwarding that specializes in the movement of freights through cargo ships. Interestingly, they have precision in telling how to complete any shipment with their impeccable relationship with stakeholders involved in shipping your goods to the desired destination. They also facilitate the shipping process and make sure your goods get to the consumers in time, without the client being flurry.

Ocean Freight Forwarders are well acquainted with, and knowledgeable in the procedural approach for shipping, and they come in, in the nick of time if and when anything goes wrong in the process of shipping. In Nigeria, ocean freight forwarding has gained so much prominence, with so many key players in the field. However, there are key characteristics of a good and reliable ocean freight forwarder;

1) Best Rates and Quotes: A good ocean freight forwarder offers the best shipping rates as well as free quotes clients can choose from.

2) Impeccable Service Delivery: An outstanding freight forwarder should have an incredible service. Clients should have optimal assurance of the safety of their shipments. Goods should be delivered to the appropriate destination.

3) Good Customer Service: The best ocean freight forwarder should have good customer service. Questions should be answered correctly. Queries should be attended to in a timely fashion. Useful information should be provided to both expert shippers and newbies.

4) Adequate, Well-structured Warehousing: A good ocean freight forwarder should have good warehousing structure, whether the raw material and component warehouse, finished goods, value added service warehouse and distribution centres.

5) Logistics: Logistics is also crucial in freight forwarding.It is important for ocean freight forwarders to have an existing, favourable relationship with a number of logistics(to be hyperlinked with Royal Renacido) to ensure the safe delivery of shipments.

6) Reputability: Reputability is important in the freight forwarding terrain. A good freight forwarder should be able to build a good name, and not renege on their promises to clients.

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