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Ernest is a highly sought-after architect of transport. He has managed shipment globally for big multination’s to the tune of over a billion Dollars across multimodal shipping lines and termini.
He Attended Executive Leadership Program with Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA) and Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) before delving into maritime after working in one of the leading Freight Forwarding agencies in Nigeria. A very courageous and optimistic leader, best described as "a hybrid" for overseeing the affairs of the two best performing companies in the Nigerian maritime industry: Royal Renacido and Royal Virglon Ltd.

His wealth of experience in the maritime industry over the years has brought great business relationship with both local and international partners such as: Zim, Cosco, Maerskline, Lansal, Mitchelle Bonded Terminal, Falcon Bonded Terminal, Denca Bonded Terminal, Port Express Bonded Terminal, Seamap,Timetells, Tenzik just to mention a few.
He is an expert shipping provider with sophisticated networks of information to maneuver the transportation industry, and a very strong desire of building a conglomerate in maritime mainly on cargo handling logistics. Moreover, through Royal Renacido, he is to open a port terminal by the end of 2021, and more shipping companies in Dubai, China, Canada, US and Germany, hopefully before the end of 2022.
Ernest currently works as CEO @ROYAL RENACIDO, and he is building capacity in foreign languages and advance studies in The Supply Chain of Maintenance of Ships, going by the expansion
of portfolio management of Royal Renacido into establishment of terminal and procurement and management of ships and shipping operations for various governments overseas. According to him “Nobody is born a professional at their industry-everyone who wants to be exceptional at something has to work hard at it, both through practical work experience and education.”

A Super Eagles of Nigeria & Chelsea FC fan. He also loves watching wrestling.

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