Ports are exposed to severe hazards and risks that may endanger personals. Deck Barge Operations Safety Occupational hazards typical to the maritime industry are predominantly slips, trips and falls which have resulted in serious injuries, overboard incidences, decapacitation, loss of limbs and even death. Safety initiatives are hence introduced to limit hazard exposures and promote safety.
Other factors that can endanger Deck Barge Operations Safety and cause slip, trips and fall on a barge, for instance, some are inappropriate boots, visibility, moving heavy objects, stress and fatigue, oily, icy and snowy surfaces, gears and equipment on the deck, changing walking speed or direction, e.tc. Elevated falls are another common hazard in the maritime industry, these are uncovered or unguarded hatches that fall through holes in the deck falls from stairs, equipment and ladders.
Below are Deck Barge Operations Safety precautions to help minimize injurious occurrences in the maritime industry.
1. Keep all walking surfaces dry, unobstructed and clean. Keep all areas free of debris.
2. Stack materials in a stable and organised manner
3. Secure ramps during loading and offloading operations.
4. Repair leaks from hoses, pipelines, and valves immediately.
5. Use a non-skid protective deck compound and do not paint over the non-skid compound with standard paint
6. Have de-icing procedures in place when needed.
7. Paint the perimeter and tripping yards in a contrasting colour
8. Don’t run
9. Minimize short steps
10. Do not jump from one barge to another.
11. Watch out for reduced visibility sure to poor illumination or weather conditions.
12. Wear approach footgear
13. Do not climb a cargo, supplies or equipment instead of using a ladder
14. Use leaders only for the designed purpose.
15. Position the laser so that for every four feet in height, the ladder extends out from the vertical surface at the base approximately one foot.
16. Measure the ladder is long enough
17. Tie the ladder on a secure object.
18. Never use portable metal ladders near energized electrical equipment (such as conductors or electrical arc welding machines).
19. Use gangplanks with guardrails to prevent falls on the dock or pilings.
20. All deck holes, openings and hatches should be covered or guarded.
21. Pigeon holes should not be used to access barge walking or working surfaces.
Royal Renaccido has a good Deck Barge Operations Safety Policy which is applieed on all their barges.

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