The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has released new guidelines which would serve as a new procedures for barge operations across the country and this is to be adhered to by all barge operators. According to the Mohammed Bello Koko, who is the acting managing director of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), the move will help regulate operations in the country. This move would help eradicate irregularities and illegal operations and create an atmosphere for legally regulated operations across the country.

In accordance with this decision of new procedures for barge operations, a comprehensive profile of all barge operators would be captured. The profile would include, the carriers’ corporate name, to make for easy identification, especially in line with efforts to check the deployment of dilapidated barges that are in poor state and do not meet the minimum standards for barges and tugboats.

To ease off the tension for the barge operators, the Chief Executive of the NPA, advised all terminal operators not to demand the collection of a N20 million bank bond, with a promise to liaise with the relevant government agencies for a downward review of prevailing charges on carriage of containers. In line with this decision, movements would be streamlined to reduce congestion and possible threat to ocean going vessels. Failure to adhere to this directives by a barge operator, would lead to an outright ban.

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